Our Solutions …

Software and technology solutions engineered to set you apart.

Get DUMO®!

A suite of enterprise software uniquely tailored to run every aspect of your business. It integrates seamlessly with your existing processes and amplifies your output.

Ambitious organisations rely on DUMO® to handle important areas of their business — Accounts, Inventory, Sales, CRM etc to increase profit, prevent fraud, increase transparency and deliver great experiences.

We do three things well.

Digital transformation.

Chigisoft is the partner you need to bring your business up to speed with the latest technology trends that reduces cost, make you more efficient and increase profit.

We enable you make better use of technology to drive organizational and brand growth.

Chigisoft will serve you with —

Technology advisory

We are with you all the way to your business transformation providing insights tailored to your specific goals.

Process automation

We reimagine your repeating processes with custom software to enable your team focus more on key business objectives.

Brand development

Our design studio — Sogrado helps communicate your brand message in clear concise elements.

Website development

Get a functional online presence that converts, is pleasing to the eyes and gives you visibility.


Get your team the industry 4.0 skills needed to achieve your organization’s goals.

Product Engineering.

Chigisoft builds and maintains applications of all sizes for brands across platforms.

Whether it is an enterprise software or mobile app for a Startup, we got you covered with years of experience in fintech, blockchain, process automation e.t.c.

Chigisoft will serve you with —

Product design & strategy

Get your digital product roadmap, strategy with ux research and human centered design.

Mobile app development

We build, deploy and manage mobile apps that are functional and cross platform.

Product growth

We provide all support to scale your platform — DevOps, code maintenance, security etc.

Managed IT services

We become your in-house IT team; we set up and run your technology strategy, team training and deploying relevant solutions to achieve your business objectives.

Better than an in-house IT department in cost, efficiency and response time.

Chigisoft will serve you with —

Managed cloud

We are Digital Ocean partners and have the capacity to manage your cloud infrastructure while you focus on what matters.

Managed data & cybersecurity

Data as an integral part of business requires proper management, implementation and utmost security. We offer those.

Infrastrucuture Maintenance

Let us handle your existing IT infrastructure with the necessary support to enable you perform at your best all the time.

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