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Chigisoft’s approach to projects is dynamic and meticulous as each requires a uniquely tailored solution. The core of our culture and attitude to work remains the same notwithstanding as we strive to deliver excellence each time.

Because every project is distinct, there’s no one-size-fits-all process, however, we have narrowed down all of it to three major phases.


We start off with the discovery — We meet with you to spark a conversation and understand your idea based on the solution you want to proffer. We dive deeper to understand your business objectives and market needs and align them with the overall product goals; creating a roadmap and strategy in the process.

We go further to research the target user and how they would interact with yoursolution. We create user personas, map user journeys and set up the information and engineering architecture for execution.

We also make some low fidelity wireframes/mockups to visualise the entire idea and test it out with a few prospects. From our analysis here, we also deduce the best suited platforms and infrastructure for the project.

- Product Requirement
- Functional Specification
- User Experience Research
- Product Roadmap
- Product Strategy
- Low fidelity wireframes
- Information Architecture
- Engineering Architecture
- Branding / Identity


We proceed to creating a design system from the branding done in the previous phase. Then we move on to User Interface design — We create visual designs of the mockups with interactive prototypes that mimic the final application as it should work.

After all of the design is done, tested and accepted, we start implementing them into live applications based on the chosen platforms from the engineering analysis. At this point, you begin to see your idea take on a physical form.

We first build the MVP, and launch it in beta so we can collect user feedback, iterate and keep improving user experience while adding more features as need arises until the entire application is complete.

We conduct tests on the finished application from UX to security tests and make sure we have a solid product. Once the application is certified complete, we proceed to deploy and launch.

- Design System
- Working application
- QA/QC tests
- Deploy
- Launch
- Complimentary website


Once the product goes into the real world, it’s a different court, so we monitor how users interact with it, and continue to optimise to increase impact.

We walk with you all the way as your app grows to become a global phenom.

We help implement new features as the need arise, enhance existing ones and continue making improvements to enable you stay ahead of competitors while constantly providing shorter and more intuitive routes to provide the intended solution.

A/B tests are common here with server maintenance and upgrades.

The Chigisoft managed cloud service got you covered here.

- A/B test
- Managed cloud
- App support and maintenance

Chigisoft will serve you with —

Product design & strategy

Get your digital product roadmap, strategy with ux research and human centered design.

Mobile app development

We build, deploy and manage mobile apps that are functional and cross platform.

Product growth

We provide all support to scale your platform — DevOps, code maintenance, security etc.


Products we’ve built

A platform with access to premium Real Estate investments.
Mobile App
Product Design
Give any place any address (eddress) you like e.g. >>myoffice.
Mobile App
Product Design
A super simple digital assets wallet and trading platform.
Web Design
IT Infrastructure
The wise brand’s secret weapon …

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