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Do you want to join a passionate and WorldClass team reshaping the world with technology.

Are you a lover of MAD innovation?

Do you love solving complex problems and presenting same in the easiest form. Do you love simplifying ‘Rocket Science’.

You will love it at CHIGISOFT, Kindly check available positions.


— Jollof because it’s most important to our happiness in Africa. :D
— Flexible work hours - Work when it’s best for you. Whether daytimer or vamp.
— Competitive pay.
— Option of payment in any cryptocurrency of your choice.

Available Positions


Full-Stack Engineer

Front-end Engineer


UI/UX/Product design


Technical support


Social Media Management

Marketing Operations



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You need a team that listens; one that meticulously travels deep into your mind to understand your needs and craft solutions that make your business stand out as number one in your industry. The people at Chigisoft, live, eat and breath to enable you achieve your business goals in the shortest time possible and maximizing profit.

Precious Chukundah


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